Dear music lovers!

For several days, some amazing bloggers in Russia disseminate false information about Adagio World Award.

These bloggers did not send us a request for clarifying information. Not. They decided to make their speculations public as truth.

We suspect that these bloggers are process ordering one of the losers. They call our Fake Award.

This is absolute absurdity. Any award can be created by any person, any company or society, government agency or public initiative. A fake could be a fake copy of our award. Then that would be reasonable. But our award is original. You can consider her respected, significant or small. It's your right. Like any people, they had the right to vote or not to participate.

But Adagio World Award exists. We have invested in the prize fund the money that the winner will receive or they will be spent on a new project with a winner. We wrote about this repeatedly.

Further, these bloggers claim that our award is registered in Russia, in Samara and therefore is fake.

This is absolute nonsense. If they had a minimal understanding of domain name market, they would understand that a registrant with an address in Russia is just one of domain name resellers, a company that deals with the registration and sale of domains. This information is publicly available.

We have repeatedly reported that a tender for the creation of this site has been held. The contractor was engaged in the creation site, search for hosting, domain name registration. In the chain of domain registrars and resellers, there were different companies from different countries. They have nothing to do with our award. Interested parties could already send an official written request to the indicated registrant in Russia. They would get an answer and understand that the domain belongs to a customer located in Europe.

By spreading fiction, these bloggers mislead a large number of people and damage the business reputation of individuals associated with our award. Continuation of this situation will lead to litigation. Unless we establish that these bloggers are not clowns. After all, we cannot establish their official names and addresses. They distribute their fakes under pseudonyms. And their information is not credible.

To summarize, our award is original, voting took place, the winner of Adagio World Award is determined.

We ask you to search for any information about our award only on our website. 

You can address any questions to us (see section Contacts).

Regards, José Adotti
Adagio World сoordinator