Frequently Asked Questions

I can not vote. Voting button is not available.

You can vote only once from one device. If you are unable to vote, then someone has already voted from this device. Such a measure was introduced to protect fair voting.

Do you accept payment for voting?

No. We do not accept payments or collect donations. Voting is free. Nominees do not pay for participation. The award fund has already been formed from the organizing team's contributions.

I want to offer cooperation with future award's winner. How to do it?

You can contact the nominees or their agents directly. If you want to make an offer for the our award's team, e-mail us.

The singer I love has millions fans around the world. I do not believe that his result may not be the first. I do not believe in the result and will not vote.

If we would like to know an opinion about a particular nominee, we would contact his fan club and the result would be obvious. But we are interested in the objective result of the best singer according to users from all over the world. Reality is more complex than you think. The world is not limited to fans of your favorite singer. If you do not like our award, you can not vote and not follow its results. This is an independent award and community initiative. Everyone is free to vote or not to vote.

Are you afraid of bots voting and artificial vote wrapping?

You can be calm. We have taken all measures to protect a fair vote. Site has all the means available in the Internet for protect against automatic voting and other dishonest voting methods. Any attempts bots's vote or automatically cheat votes are blocked by the system and do not affect the results.

Votes for one nominee are added evenly and for some others votes are added in bulk. How can this be explained? Is it voting manipulation?

Sometime voting has the nature of a wave, because it depends on the appearance of information about award in a particular area. When the next publication comes out on some site or newspaper, a large number of people immediately see it and there is an active voting in short time. It also depends on the geographical area. Each nominee is more or less popular in different places. The appearance of publications in this locality forms a surge in voting for the nominee popular there. Also, the wave-nature of voting has due to the different arrangement of fan clubs. When one of the nominees or his fan club publishes in a social network group or story on Instagram, we observe a surge in voting for this nominee in a very short time. We see a sharp increase in votes when a new group of nominee's fans are involved in voting. This is absolutely natural. Different time zones and people’s activity at different times also affect.

In the group of my favorite singer, I read that there are several fakes for your prize and that you do not need to vote. This is true?

Please note that voting for our award is conducted only on this site: In any other places, voting will be fake. Only on our website you can get reliable information about the award.

Where is the organizing committee of your award?

The organizing committee of our Award consists of 17 participants. These are leading managers and agents of music companies and production centers from the USA and Europe. The award coordinator is located in Paris, France.

Why is the domain registrar address of your award indicated by Samara?

According to the results of the tender for the creation site of our award, the contract for the creation site, hosting and domain was signed with a developer from Eastern Europe. The questions of choosing a hosting and domain registration were dealt with by the developer. We stipulated that the owner of the domain should specify the coordinator of our award.This condition is met. In which regions the domain registrar, seller and reseller are located - this is not our competence.

What is the prize pool of the Award?

The prize fund of our Award is formed by its organizers and amounts to € 100.000. The winner of the Award will be able to receive this prize or conclude a contract on cooperation in Europe and the USA with the organizers of the Award for a new project.

When does the voting end?

The last voting day is December 24, 2019. At 00:00 hours (Central European Time UTC + 1) on December 25, 2019, voting will be stopped.