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The award is a public professional award. The aim of the award is to determine the best singer "Albinoni's Adagio" of the World.

The award is an expression of the opinion of people from around the world who participated in the voting on this site.

The award is established on the principles of freedom, independence, objectivity, openness and impartiality.

Award organizers do not affect the voting results.

The organizers of the award do not guarantee victory in the award to any nominee. The award is given to the winner by an open vote on this site by an unlimited number of users.

The winner determined by the voting results has the right to refuse to receive the award.

Additional information about the rules of the award is set out on the page "About award".

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Video and audio recordings posted on this site are built-in recordings from open sources for which embedding is allowed under the terms of the license.

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The organizers of the award do not collect and do not process the personal data of any persons.